Journey 2018 | Day 1

Day 1 | Who are you?

January 1, 2018. That means today is the first day for Journey! Finally. While I am nervous to see where this takes me, I know it will be worth it. Today's project was to shoot an image that is representative of my name. This took a bit of thinking on what I wanted it to mean. What is my name? Who am I? Growing up my name, Jessica, meant wealthy. That was one thing I always found interesting. SO in my adult life, where I am currently on January 1st 2018, who am I? As I heard my 18 month old run into the room and yell some random word we can't yet understand, I knew exactly who I am .

I am a wife, a mother, and a photographer. Okay, I am MUCH more than that... a child of God, a sister, a friend.... but right in this moment that is how I see myself. Here is the image I captured to portray who I am and what my name means.